Why You Should Be Using “Alt Text” for the Images on Your Website

Alt text, also known as alternative text, is a must when you have images on your website. It is important for several reasons, which we will review below. And don’t panic…if you don’t already have alt text on your images, we can help!

One reason you should have alt text on your images is to help search engines find you. Yes, that means Google. Search engines read words, not images. If you have alt text on your image, it allows for search engines like Google to navigate users to your website a lot easier. The text should be describing what the image is. Let’s keep going…

A second reason is to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). You want to be very descriptive when providing alt text to your image (use main keywords in the description), but also keep it short. Add relevant keywords, as that will improve your rankings when a user is searching for those keywords. If you use irrelevant keywords then that could negatively affect the SEO, which you do not want! 

Lastly, some users use a screen reader if they are visually impaired. By using alt text, this allows the screen reader to accurately depict what is on the screen. Therefore, the user knows exactly what your website is about and gets accurate information about who you are and what you do.

Super simple, right?! It really is. Taking this extra step allows you to make sure your website is easily accessible and allows all users to view your website! Still need some help? Get in touch with us

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