Why CTA’s are Crucial

READ ON…see what we did there? We just gave you a call to action (CTA). Now, normally you have to click on the CTA, but we just wanted to give you a quick example. Before we tell you why CTA’s are important to have on your website, it’s important to know what they are. Let’s give you a quick rundown. 

CTA’s are telling your consumer exactly what you want them to do. Yes, you have to give them instructions. But the good news is that they can be SUPER simple! Here are a few examples:

  • Subscribe NOW
  • Sign up for free today!
  • DONATE now
  • LEARN more  

Now, those are just a few examples and notice we made some in all caps, or put punctuation. You want your CTA to stand out, so even think about color options and shapes as well. CTA’s allow the consumer to know, “okay this company wants me to do this in order to get more information, etc”. Super simple, right?! But why do you need them? The short answer: They can help drive your business. Yep, the more specific you are with what you are wanting people to do, the more likely they are to do it.

CTA’s help drive your business in that they help you target the right consumer for your business. If your CTA is clear, you can find out who your customers are, where they are coming from, and their intentions. Yep, that little clickable button just opened up a whole lot for you and your business. If someone is taking the time to LEARN more, it’s because they want to learn more! Snap, you got them. They are now taking the extra time because, hello they are interested in you!! Woohoo! 

Now, how do you make your CTA stand out? Well, we briefly mentioned choosing the right color and shape, but placement is also important. You want it to be pretty obvious what you want them to do. So, don’t place a CTA without first making sure you have some information on the page ahead of time. I mean, why would we click LEARN more if you haven’t talked about anything and you just have images. No, you need to be smart in placement and make sure it ties along with whatever you are talking about. 

For example, If we are looking for a consulting company to help our business with branding (see blog post: Why is Branding Important?), we are going to make sure on that company’s website they tell us 1) they help with branding 2) they have a good reputation 3) they have a portfolio (or something along those lines) Now, we want to see that BEAUTIFUL CTA that says schedule a call today, or LEARN more about us. If we click that CTA they have piqued our interest in who they are, which opens the door for a conversation and potential new business. 

The great thing is that CTA’s can be simple and drive your business at the same time! But, you have to have one first! Want to learn more about how ZAMP Industries can help you, give us a call today! Go on, click that CTA! 

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