What Exactly is a Brand Identity?

I guess before we even kick off, we need to define the term “brand identity”. One of our favorite definitions of brand identity comes from 99designs.com: “Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer.” Now, we don’t want you to confuse brand identity with the terms “branding” or “brand.” They are sometimes used interchangeably and that is incorrect. Brand identity is completely its own term and comes with its own benefits. Let’s dive deeper!

What do you want others to think of when they see your company, logo, or website? Not sure? Well, that’s all part of your brand identity. And it’s IMPORTANT!

You want your brand identity to align with your company values (your mission statement, your positioning, your personality, etc). So, it’s important to figure out what those are first. Once you have those figured out, it makes coming up with your visual brand identity much easier! Are you ready?!

Let’s start simple. Go ahead and make sure you have the type of font, color palette, and forms/shapes picked out. Yes, that says a lot right from the beginning. Is your font more serious looking or playful? Is it more feminine and whimsical, or more masculine? Make sure it aligns with who your company is. 

Onto color palette—did you know there are certain colors that say more than others? Yes, that’s right. Pink tends to lean more feminine, while brown leans more masculine. Green can be super versatile and red is exciting. There are more to choose from, but that’s a start.

Lastly, your design assets forms and shapes matter (logo, website, business cards, etc). Do you want round shapes that give off the feelings of unity and love? You can also go with straight edged shapes if you don’t want to play around. However, straight lines are in their own world with horizontal meaning tranquility and vertical meaning strength. 

However, once you have a good idea of what each of those are (make sure it is cohesive on all platforms), then you get to dive into your logo, website, product packaging, email design, etc. The good news is we’ve got you!  It’s important that all these aspects encapsulate exactly who you are as a company and it’s easy for consumers to understand. Yes, it takes some time, but once you do it, your company will be all the better for it. And when we see that BEAUTIFUL logo or website of yours, we will know exactly who you are. 

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