A Pin is Worth 1,000 Words—Superior Custom Pins

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
UI UX Strategy
Web Development

Superior Custom Pins (SCP) is a manufacturer of unique and collectible enamel pins and other promotional products.

We created a robust brand identity system and e-commerce website, complete with an online quoting and ordering process for SCP.



We never really thought about the iconic-ness of a simple enamel pin until this project. It was fun to show the ways that pins can impact people lives, by creating awareness around an issue, showing pride in what you believe, or simply as a form of recognition when you do a great job.

Pain points:

  1. The ordering process was time-consuming and confusing for customers; everything was done via phone or email
  2. Too many customer inquiries; their small team is overwhelmed
  3. Streamlining customer service tasks to allow them to spend more time ON the business rather than IN the business
  4. The logo and brand identity weren’t consistent across their website, social platforms, internal docs (ordering forms, mockups, emails, client communications), etc.
  5. Their design assets and website hadn’t been updated for several years; felt like they outgrew it
  6. The website doesn’t show full scope of capabilities (only pins)
  7. Customers had a hard time visualizing what their custom pins would look like (texture, size, colors, effects, etc)

Results and solutions:

  1. We simplified and automated ordering process so that customers can place an order themselves via the website
  2. We added an FAQ section & blog posts to help educate customers before they inquire or place an order
  3. By adding the order form and educational resources to the website, we cut down on unnecessary calls and emails
  4. We created a whole new brand identity with cohesive touch points, with an in-depth brand guide for their team to follow
  5. We designed and developed a new website with more clear messaging and e-commerce functionality
  6. We showcased their full line of promo products and allowed them to be ordered online as well as the different styles of pins
  7. We taught their team how to use Mr. Mockup and incorporated it into their ordering process to present realistic proofs to their customers



Logo Exploration

The owners of SCP wanted to keep a reference to the symbol from their previous logo, so we played with some ideas to try to retain those same shapes/lines, while also simplifying them. The end result ended up being a crown with the former pyramid symbol hidden within it.

Yale Blue

HEX #144A98

C 87

M 51

Y 0

K 40


HEX #B9977A

C 0

M 18

Y 34

K 27


HEX #333333

C 0

M 0

Y 0

K 80

Steel Blue


C 68

M 33

Y 0

K 27

KingPin Variations

We created head, bust, and full body variations of the KingPin mascot, with varying levels of detail, to allow them to be used in full color, single color, print, or digital effortlessly.

UI/UX Strategy

To be honest…ordering custom pins is kinda complicated. So we worked to simplify it.

We broke the ordering process into 6 baby steps to make it more digestible and less overwhelming for potential customers. We also added visuals to show what each finishing and packaging option looks like in real life.



Credits: This project was made in collaboration with Lam Nguyen and the team at Blacktop. 🙂

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