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Speaks 2 Inspire teaches college students how to manage their mental well-being. They felt that their previous brand didn't align with who they were and what they represented.

We started with a brand strategy and discovery session to begin uncovering who they are, as well as who their ideal client is.


We came out with some interesting findings and began to start developing their new brand identity.

Logo Exploration

We sought out to create a logo that hinted about what Speaks 2 Inspire does, without being too “on-the-nose”. 


There are many components to what S2I does; from educational programs to digital resources to podcasts to keynote presentations. But the common thread that runs within all of these is: sharing ideas. So, we went with the chat bubble and three dots to represent the process of speaking and sharing information, as well as the feeling of “continuation”; the conversation about mental health is always ongoing.

The previous Speaks 2 Inspire brand used a red and black color scheme which felt very harsh and loud.

Considering that they are trying to get students to open up about sensitive topics and create a safe and welcoming space, we went with a calming and inviting color palette.

Russian Violet

HEX #0F0837

C 73

M 85

Y 0

K 78


HEX #6363AC

C 42

M 42

Y 0

K 33

Royal Purple

HEX #704DA2

C 31

M 52

Y 0

K 36

Green NCS

HEX #429E69

C 58

M 0

Y 34

K 38

Supporting Elements

We also created a series of icons to complement the logo, as well as a series of additional logomarks to use in place of the full logo when necessary.

Brand Collateral

We explored a variety of ways that the new brand assets could be used on all types of merchandise for college students.

Web Strategy

We also built out a full website for Speaks 2 Inspire, with archives of written, visual, audio, and video resources on mental health.



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