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SheWarrior's mission is to nurture the fighting spirit within all women and lead them towards championing their health, wellness, and inner warrior.

We created the SheWarrior® brand from the ground up: the logo and full brand identity, messaging, content writing, product photography, and an e-commerce website.

Logo Exploration

SheWarrior® came to us with a logo already in use. We all agreed that it was a good concept, but maybe could use some refinement. The original “SW” badge, as well as the sliced letters in the “SheWarrior” typography, evoked a strong, superhero sort of vibe which we definitely wanted to keep moving forward. What we didn’t like was how frail and thin the letters felt.


After several rounds of iterations, trying to decide how far to push the logo away from the original design, we ultimately ended up with a thicker, rounded “SW” logomark and complementary logotype.



We also updated the color palette to not be so harsh and appeal to the strong female audience.

Utilizing a muted purple, instead of the industry standard “feminine” hot pinks, helped to soften up the brand without being cliche. 



We threw in the slightly muted red and tennis ball yellow to add some action and spice to the color palette. 

Mountain Pink

HEX #897B92

C 6

M 16

Y 0

K 43

Eerie Black

HEX #282828

C 0

M 0

Y 0

K 84

Fire Opal

HEX #E75754

C 0

M 62

Y 64

K 9



C 11

M 0

Y 43

K 0

The First Collection

The following are some snippets of SheWarrior®’s launch collection. We created several logo variations and patterns to allow for variety of representations of the brand on clothing, including the leopard pattern with the hidden “SW” logo, and the tribal “SW” pattern.


Although we had fun throwing around some ideas…we’re not fashion designers. The entire line of clothing was designed by Julie McGrath.

Online Store | UI Snippets

We went with a very minimal, clean design for the e-commerce site to ensure that the user’s focus is drawn directly to SheWarrior®’s awesome product photos and content. The sleek design of the UI is complementary; simple and easy to navigate, rather than flashy and distracting.

In the Wild

Now for our personal favorite part of every brand identity project: seeing it exist in the wild. It’s thrilling to see how both the owners and their customers use the brand, interact with it, and add personality to it as time goes on.
Credits: This project was made in collaboration with Steven Gray and the team at Blacktop. 🙂

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