Going Grassroots—Featured Garage Race Engineering


FGRE, or Featured Garage Race Engineering, creates supplemental racing products for grassroots automotive enthusiasts.

Showcasing grassroots automotive projects and raw sights and sounds of home brew creations, FGRE is dedicated to creating content that focuses on the automotive community at an intimate level demonstrating the bond between man and machine.

Logo Exploration

FGRE needed to be clearly distinguished from Featured Garage as a totally different entity. The logo also needed to be legible on a wide variety of materials, such as liveries, decals, 3D printed prototypes, and more.


Since FGRE is geared toward the racing community, we went with some bold, vibrant colors and shaped the letterforms in a way that indicates movement.

Razzmic Berry

HEX #905096

C 4

M 47

Y 0

K 41

Orange Soda

HEX #E96343

C 0

M 58

Y 71

K 9

Raisin Black

HEX #231F20

C 0

M 11

Y 9

K 86

Classic White


C 0

M 0

Y 0

K 0

In the Wild

Now for our personal favorite part of every brand identity project: seeing it exist in the wild. It’s thrilling to see how both the owners and their customers use the brand, interact with it, and add personality to it as time goes on.



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