Our Favorite Tools Series: Notion

We are so excited for this blog post! Seriously, we can’t even begin to tell you how much we love Notion!  To our type A hearts and minds with a love for organization, this platform speaks our language. Before we go on, we need to tell you what Notion is if you don’t already know…

Notion is a FREE platform that can help keep you and your team organized. From daily tasks lists, to works-in-progress, calendars, or just a simple journal. You can also share Notion documents with coworkers or clients and they add/edit if needed. AMAZING! 

We use Notion EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. After logging into our email, we immediately log into Notion. It’s just so handy. Being in two different locations can sometimes be a tad difficult when we need to get something done (Rachel is in Colorado, and I am in Florida). Yes, we text, Slack, and have weekly meetings. All of which are great and very helpful, but Notion just adds an extra layer of organization that is needed.

It is so important for team members, whether you are in the same office or not, to be on the same page. Communication is key to a successful business and a happy team! And Notion makes it even easier! 

For us, one of our favorite things about Notion is we can keep track of each other’s to-do list and also edit them if needed. If I saw an email come through that I know needs to be added to the work queue, I just pull up Rachel’s task list and add it, and vice versa. When Rachel needs me to handle something, she can add it to my task list. So, not only can we make our own, individual task lists, we can allow the other person to view and edit as needed. 

There is also a place in each task where you can add more information. That could be adding a description for what that task is, or how to best go about completing it. We can tag each other in the comments section as well if we need more information, or if we just want each other to be aware of something.

Another great thing we love about Notion, is that it gives us the option on how we want to label the task. Whether it’s in-progress, completed, in limbo, or no timeline. Notion makes it so much easier to see how much we each have on our plate and what, if anything, can be added. 

There is nothing like being able to check off a task, and boy does Notion speak the way to our hearts! 

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