Frequently Asked Questions

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hosting + Website Updates

Hosting essentially just means renting space for your website’s files to live. Hosting is required to have your website show up live on the internet.

  • Managed WordPress website hosting— always reliable and secure
  • Automatic daily website backups—never worry about losing your content
  • Free SSL certificates—for additional security & improved Google rankings
  • Personalized customer service & tech support—no call centers

Keeping all of your plugins updated, along with utilizing the most recent versions of WordPress and PHP, ensures that your site will always be running smoothly and protected from hacking and spam.


Out-of-date plugins can leave vulnerabilities for hackers to infiltrate your website. Not to mention, keeping your site up-to-date also makes it easier to update your website’s content without having to worry about breaking the site.


*Website maintenance plans are available at an additional cost. Let us know if we can provide a customized solution for you.

We gotchu. We offer various monthly maintenance and website refresh packages, just let us know what you need!