6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site 

You need a hosting provider, but where to begin. Well, we can give you the easy answer and say, call us! We would love to help you! But, we also want to provide you with information first. Just so you are well informed in case you decide to go with someone else (that makes us sad, but we will still be friends). Here is a quick rundown.

1. You get what you pay for.

Choose wisely. This isn’t the time to look for the most inexpensive provider you can find just to try and save some money. It’s also not necessary to dish out loads of money either. Try to find the balance. You want a hosting provider who is reasonably priced and who can provide you with what you need. They should also be able to tell you if you don’t necessarily need something as well. A good hosting provider will be honest and help you find the most reasonable package. 

Again….cough cough, hello, nice to meet you. We are ZAMP Industries. Okay, okay moving on. 

2. Managed vs Non-Managed WordPress Hosting

This means you need to decide if you want a hosting provider who will take care of the entire infrastructure and keep up with certain security measures, or do you want it to be completely left alone. Something to definitely consider.

3. SSL Certificates

These certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPs. The s on the end means it is a secure website. We always look for a website to have HTTPs when we are purchasing a product, because we are using our credit card information on that site. 

4. Helpful features and add-ons

Things like: daily backups, automatic plugin updates, etc. What, if any, is your hosting provider planning to provide in addition to your plan? You may not need a lot, but it is good to see what else they can provide you and why you might need it.

5. Easy back-end access

This will allow you to change things if needed. For you as the owner, you will need access when things need to be edited or updated. And you don’t want it to be too complicated, because you have things to do. That’s why you have a hosting provider. 

6. Great customer service

This is so important, and something to consider. Not only will you most likely have questions and need help at times, but you want to be able to talk to a REAL person. No automated machines, no push this button for…no. Talking to a real person when you call or email each time is huge. It not only helps you explain the reason for your call in a more efficient manner, it allows you to get the help you need quickly. Don’t skimp on this!

We wanted you to have all this information, so you can make an informed decision on who your hosting provider should be. However, we can promise we not only meet all the criteria, but we will do our best to exceed your expectations too. We would love to be your hosting provider. Give us a call!

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